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Cobalt based dental alloy for ceramic

DD Bio CW are CoCr-based milling blanks for the fabrication of metal frameworks for metal-ceramic crowns, bridges and fixed restorations. DD Bio CW blanks offer high processing reliability and guarantee precise milling results. Excellent results are achieved by using a veneering ceramic that is matched to the CTE of the material using long-term cooling.


  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Free from nickel, beryllium, indium and gallium
  • Better millability due to lower Vickers hardness
  • Very good polishing properties

Physical Properties

Density 8.4 g/cmc
Solidus-liquidus temperature 1307-1417°C
Melting point 1470°C
Yield load strenght (Rp 0.2) 395MPa
Elongation at break 11%
Modulus of elasticity 233 GPa
Vickers hardness 255 HV10
Color White

Thermal expansion coefficient 25-500 °C

14.3-10 6 K 1

Thermal expansion coefficient 25-600 °C

14.5-10 6 K1

Max. firing temperature 980°C
Suggested ceramic types VITAVM13
Cytoxicity test according to ISO standard 10993-5 Passed

Chemical composition [wt.%]

Cobalt (Co) 66
Chromium (Cr) 27
Molybdenum (Mo) 6
Others: Si, Mn