camcube DD30 | milling machine

SKU: CAM 3000

Highly productive milling machine

This top-of-the-line CNC dental machine is designed by camcube for heavy-duty work where accuracy and repeatability are strict requirements. It mills soft and hard materials using wet or dry processes and uses most available dental materials and geometries (disks, blocks, abutments).

Main features

  • Very rigid bulkhead construction made from ductile monobloc cast iron, which minimizes thermal expansion and significantly reduces the transmission of vibrations
  • Powerful and fast kinematics combined with unparalleled movement flexibility and degrees of freedom
  • Highest accuracy and precision through direct motor connections for maximum precision
  • Clean machining, clear, unobstructed milling environment, easy maintenance

Technical data
kinematics number of axes 6-axis, including turret ATC
Type of processing 5-axis simultaneous machining
Max. tilt angle of the rotation axis A-axis: +35°, -35°
B axis: +135°, -35°
Max. inclination angle of the axis A-axis: 360°
B axis: 135°
Milling Wet machining Integrated unit for wet and dry processing
Spindle Max. Speed ​​/ Max. Power 60000 RPM / 1.5 kW
Spindle cooling unit integrated
Tooling 4mm and 6mm shaft
Tool changer Direct clamping; 17-fold
Workpiece changer (material holder) 1-fold manual
Dimensions Weight Approx. 605 kg with base plate
Base plate Integrated. Opening the front door.
Body & frame construction Monoblock housing (205 kg) and Y-axis made of spheroidal graphite cast iron
Width x depth x height (mm) 752x986x1962mm
Air & electricity Voltage frequency

100V - 240V / 50 - 60Hz

Power consumption Approx. 3700 W
Compressed air supply 6-8 bar constant supply, 260 liters/minute, dry (8mm pneumatic hose connection)
Extraction system / vacuum Not integrated
materials materials Fully sintered cubic zirconium dioxide, fully crystallized lithium disilicate, CoCr, titanium, PMMA, composites, glass ceramics, wax, PEEK, hybrid ceramics, polyamides
geometries 98mm/98.5mm blanks, pre-milled rod blanks, prismatic blanks with metal mandrel
Other functions Quick coupler Yes. (zero point clamping system)
Linear scales (LS) No
CAM integrations FOLLOW ME! hyperDENT® and Hexagon WorkNC Dental®
Remote control Yes. Remote operation with access from tablet/PC
SMS status update No
Flow cooling Flow cooling for glass-ceramic grinding (3-way)
HMI Touch screen (Full HD)
Frontal processing Yes


Quick coupler YES (zero-point clamping system)