Medit i700 wireless intraoral scanner

SKU: CS4401

Magic made easy - with a simple touch!

Get the power to take your practice life to the next level!

When the scanner cable disappears, the restrictions on scanning movements also disappear. Reinforced shock resistance minimizes damage from accidental drops. The balanced design of the i700 wireless ensures a stable, comfortable scanning experience.

Technical data i700

frame rate Up to 70 FPS
Image capture 3D in motion video technology / 3D full color streaming recording
light source LED
Anti-fog technology Adaptive anti-fog
accuracy Full sheet scan 10.9µm ± 0.98
Handpiece Dimensions 313 x 44 x 47.4mm
Weight 328g (including battery and tip)
Scan tip Size of the tip 22.2 x 17.1mm
Scan area 15x13mm

Can be autoclaved up to 150 times
At 121°C for 30 minutes
At 134°C for 4 minutes (Pre-Vacuum Type)
At 135°C for 10 minutes (Gravity Type)

Reversible tip Yes
Special modes Remote control mode Yes
UV-C disinfection Yes
Connectivity Wireless
USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Wireless Receiver)
  • Performance depending on PC specification
  • Accuracy test of the i700 scanner, Medit R&D test