Dekema AUSTROMAT™ 674 | Sintering furnace

SKU: CAM 9962

Ideal for sintering zirconium frameworks

The Austromat 674 works with the proven SiC concept, which is ideal for sintering milled zirconium frameworks. In addition to the large space for up to 80 units, distributed on two stackable levels, the three silicon carbide heating elements ensure homogeneous temperatures of up to 1,530 °C. The DD Argus Fire 674 is a safe partner for your digital production.

Sintering of dental ceramics up to 100 mm in diameter

The vibration-free lift of the oven promises an optimal closing process of the combustion chamber. The unique AutoDry system creates high temperature gradients during the heating and cooling phases. For precise, time-optimized drying, heating and cooling phases, it simulates the temperature measurement on the object and automatically regulates the distance between the firing object and the combustion chamber using the vibration-free lift.

This enables shortened sintering times and the option for speed sintering through a controlled lift movement.

Two stacked sintering platforms each provide capacity for 40 units up to 100mm in diameter. Simple operation via the colored 7.5" touch control unit offers you full control over the oven status.

Speed ​​sintering of individual crowns in 2 hours

The sintering curves developed in-house by Dental Direkt GmbH enable the user to speed-sinter individual crowns in approx. 2 hours.

Technical data

Dimensions (H x W x D)


Weight 24kg

230V / 50 to 60 Hz

Max. Input


Max. temperature


Touch screen screen

7.5" color

Programming languages


Autodry function

Program continuation after power failure

Housing: aluminum, anodized white

Radiator SiC: high-purity heating elements made of SiC (silicon carbide), sintering at high temperatures, no discoloration

Fiber insulation multi-compound: multi-layer insulation system for sintering at high temperatures

Fiber insulation table multi-compound: for sintering at high temperatures

Sintering accessories for sintering in one plane

Sinter plate micro pearls

USB interface: transferring burning programs (dds) / transferring image data (jpg) / storing QM files (dfl)

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