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Nacera® Pearl Natural zirconia

Physical Properties

Type: Hybrid layer and WhiteMaterial: 5Y-TZP + 3Y-TZPStrength: 1050 ± 150 MPa cervical


Veneers, Inlays, Onlays, Anatomically reduced crown, Fully anatomical (monolithic) crown anterior tooth, Fully anatomical (monolithic) crown posterior tooth, Anatomically reduced bridge (up to 3 links), Anatomically reduced bridge (up to 14 links), Fully anatomical (monolithic) bridge (up to 3 units), and Fully anatomical (monolithic) bridge (up to 14 units)
Color according to VITA® and, if necessary, universal colors
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Hybridlayer – 5Y/3Y multicolored zirconia

Nacera® Pearl Natural 3D zirconia gives all constructions - from single crowns to large, fully anatomical implant-supported restorations - a lifelike character, as the natural color gradient and translucency of the teeth appear in natural transitions after sintering. 16 colors, two bleach colors according to the VITA® color scheme, as well as a specially developed bleach color cover all common tooth colors and meet the highest aesthetic standards.

Perfectly suitable for:

All indications: from monolithic single crowns to complex superstructures for the anterior and posterior region

Physical Properties

Characteristic Unit Value
Translucency properties
Incisal: Ultra highly translucent
Cervical: highly translucent
Biaxial bending strength [MPa] Incisal: 1000
Cervical: 1200
Linear WAK K -1 10.0*10 -6
Chemical solubility [µg/cm 2 ] < 5


Carefree handling and light guidance:

Nacera® Pearl Natural is a zirconia whose mechanical and light-optical properties make the technician's work much easier during processing: thanks to Carefree Handling, statically important elements can be nested anywhere in the disk. The translucency transition does not require any corrections by the ceramist.

Milling – sintering – glazing – done!

Nacera Pearl Natural Nesting