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DD cubeX²® zirconia

Physical Properties

Type: WhiteMaterial: 5Y-TZPStrength: 700 ± 100MPa


Veneers, Inlays, Onlays, Anatomically reduced crown, Fully anatomical (monolithic) crown anterior tooth, Fully anatomical (monolithic) crown posterior tooth, Anatomically reduced bridge (up to 3 links), and Fully anatomical (monolithic) bridge (up to 3 units)
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Monochrome – 5Y white zirconia

Translucent like lithium disilicate but stable like zirconium oxide

DD cubeX² ® defines a new zirconium oxide standard. The cubic-tetragonal mixed structure combines high light transmission with excellent technical properties. The result is a biocompatible high-performance ceramic (Type II, Class 4) for bridges with up to three units, including molar restorations. The first choice for users with the highest demands on natural aesthetics and material safety.

DD cubeX² ® offers you increased translucency and safety based on an innovative powder concept in combination with coordinated industrial production.

Perfect for:

  • Highly aesthetic crowns and bridges (up to 3 units)
  • Especially front tooth restorations (bridges up to 3 units)
  • Cut back (one layer)
  • Highly aesthetic veneering work

Physical Properties

Characteristic Unit
CTE (25 – 500°C) [10-6 K-1 ] ~ 10.2
Chemical solubility [ μg /cm² ] ≤ 2.9
Fracture toughness (KIC) [MPa√m] 4.0
Bending strength* [MPa] 700 ± 100
*measured according to DIN EN ISO 6872

Chemical composition [wt.%]

ZrO₂ + HfO₂ + Y₂O₃ ≥ 99.0
≤ 10
≤ 0.01
Other oxides < 1