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DD phoeniX

SKU: Z 010

Cleaning powder for the sintering furnace

For perfect sintering results

Despite careful consideration of all important aspects of the laboratory process, discoloration and contamination of the sintered objects can occur. A common reason for this is oxidic secretions from the heating elements and their deposits in the oven chamber. Because of its special granulation, the DD phoeniX cleaning powder has a very reactive surface that attracts and permanently binds the oxides in the oven chamber and thus efficiently supports cleaning.


  • No green discoloration of the sintered objects due to molybdenum
  • Binds impurities from the oven atmosphere and supports cleaning
  • Regular use increases the color consistency and reproducibility of your results

Important NOTE:

Among the high-temperature ovens for dental use, ovens with heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi 2 ) are mainly affected by oxidic secretions and discoloration. The sintering furnaces available from Dental Direkt heat with silicon carbide heating elements (SiC). Discoloration or contamination is not caused by SiC heating elements.

Contents: 200 g