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CORiTEC® one⁺ | milling machine

SKU: CAM 0916

Economical processing with the highest quality

The CORiTEC® one⁺ has an exceptional ratio of power, speed and precision. This is provided by the powerful high-frequency spindle with 750 watts and 100,000 rpm.

The manual quick release system is equipped with 5 holders:

  • Standard blank holder 98mm
  • C-Clamp blank holder 98mm
  • Single holder for blocks and pre-milled abutments
  • 6-way block holder
  • 6-way holder for pre-milled abutments

The semi-open blank holder, the so-called C-clamp holder, can be used to produce even the most difficult indications. The excellent axis kinematics also make the machine suitable for processing pre-milled abutments. With its integrated PC and touch display, the CORiTEC one⁺ is extremely user-friendly.