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DD Bio ZX² zirconia

Physical Properties

Type: WhiteMaterial: 3Y-TZP-LAStrength: 1150 ± 150MPa


Anatomically reduced crown, Fully anatomical (monolithic) crown posterior tooth, Primary telescope, Anatomically reduced bridge (up to 3 links), Anatomically reduced bridge (up to 14 links), Fully anatomical (monolithic) bridge (up to 3 units), Fully anatomical (monolithic) bridge (up to 14 units), Hybrid abutment, and web
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High translucent zirconia

By developing this innovative material, we have combined the well-known, positive mechanical properties of “white” zirconiawith a significant increase in light transmission. The DD Bio ZX 2 concept impresses with its cost-effectiveness and also offers all the advantages of an all-ceramic dental prosthesis made of zirconium oxide.

Perfect for:

  • Monolithic crowns and bridges of any span
  • Especially monolithic bridges
  • Cut back (one layer)
  • Highly aesthetic veneering work of every span

Physical Properties

Characteristic Unit
WAK (25 – 500°C) [10 -6 K -1 ] ~ 10.6
Chemical solubility [µm/cm 2 ] ≤ 11
Fracture toughness (KIC) [MPa√m] >8
Bending strength* [MPa] 1150±150
*measured according to DIN EN ISO 6872

Chemical composition [wt.%]

ZrO₂ + HfO₂ + Y₂O₃ ≥ 99.0
Y₂O₃ < 6
Al₂O₃ <0.15
Other oxides < 1.0