Dental direct designer by exocad®

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A whole laboratory in one software –
open to your creativity

The design software Dental Direkt Designer by exocad® is the heart of the system. You design your scaffolding at the highest level and are supported in your work by the intuitive user interface. Reliable preparation boundary detection and an automatic bridge design with connector design make your work efficient. This makes it the perfect solution for CAD beginners and advanced users. Even with the basic version you have an immense range of functions and can cover the majority of dental indications. Of course, you can have your construction made in all common materials.

Indication of the basic software

  • Inlays, onlays and veneers

  • Waxups

  • Primary telescopes

  • Reduced crowns and bridges

  • Caps and bridge frameworks of every span

  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges

Advantages DentalCAD ​​3.1 Rijeka

  • Faster construction of individual teeth
  • New minimum thickness options
  • Improved freeforming
  • Easier collaboration between laboratories and dentists
Dental Direkt Designer by exocad

CAD modules – more than just more options

Open to perfect data quality. Complete your 3D Designer by exocad® construction software with the CAD modules and use all the options to maximize your added value.

This modular system offers the greatest possible flexibility - you can put together your solution completely individually according to your wishes.

DD Jaw Motion Import

The jaw movement import module enables the import of jaw movement measurement data from jaw registration systems such as the JMA system from Zebris. The import module works together with the virtual articulation.

Smile Creator

The new Smile Creator module is a simple aesthetic planning solution with predictable results. Combine patient photos with contour lines and 3D situations.

DD virtual articulator

The DD virtual articulator enables simultaneous construction in the upper and lower back with integration of the Artex®, Adesso Split® or SAM® synchronization systems. This makes it possible to include all patient values ​​relevant to the joint or skull in the design. The finished bridge frameworks are dynamically reduced and do not require any post-processing.

DD Abutment Creator

For faster and better creation of individual abutments. Create an individual emergence profile, depending on the system, with or without adhesive bases. The common implant systems are already stored in the abutment library, such as: B. Astra Tech®, Nobel Biocare®, Straumann®, Zimmer®, Dentsply Friadent® and Biomet®.

DD Bite Splint

Constructs virtual therapeutic splints in just a few steps. The additional use of the DD virtual articulator module allows the full scope to be used.

DD bridge module

With the DD Steg module you have an extensive selection of profiles. Construct Dolder, Hader, Canada, hybrid bars as well as individual profiles as a die, abutment or occlusally screw-retained bar work.

DD Model Creator

With the add-on module for models, you can create physical working models based on scan data. Intraoral scans or scan data from impression scanners serve as input data. The add-on module supports both the creation of saw cut models and the creation of models in which only prepared tooth stumps can be removed.

DD temporary

With the add-on module for temporary restorations, you can design individual temporary crowns and bridges using the eggshell technique. Based on a scan of the preoperative situation, you can design the shape of the temporary crown or bridge by copying the original anatomy or alternatively using a dental library.

DD Tooth Library

For those who want even more choice, the extensive library of natural teeth is just the thing. The library includes 61 upper anterior teeth and 19 lower anterior, lower upper and lower posterior sets.

DD TruSmile

Provides near photorealistic renderings in real time during the design process. DD TruSmile is a powerful aesthetics module that can be used to create natural denture designs on the screen. This makes it easier for the patient to decide on the choice of material.


This module includes an integrated DICOM viewer that allows you to visualize voxel data from CT machines during the design process.

DD Full Dentures

With the new Full Denture module, we offer you a digital solution for designing full dentures. The digital analysis of the model data enables automatic suggestions for the tooth setup. You can then have the finished designed prosthesis milled or printed.

Partial Framework

With the DD Partial Framework add-on module, digital design of model casting work is now possible. A stored library with various clamps, supports, saddles, etc. ensures fast and efficient work. The module ensures a safe design of transverse brackets and their surface with the subsequent possibility of digital manufacturing.