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DD Solid Link

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Universal, dual-curing luting composite for intra- and extraoral use

DD Solid Link is suitable for the versatile permanent cementation of all common dental materials. Reliable and precise attachment is guaranteed. DD Solid Link forms the link between the dental restoration and the substructure.


  • Permanent attachment of all common dental materials
  • Universally applicable in practice (intraoral) and in the laboratory (extraoral)
  • Perfect masking of dark backgrounds through highly opaque colors
  • Processing time approx. 2 min.
  • Setting time extraoral (23°C) approx. 7 min.
  • Setting time intraoral (37°C) approx. 4 min.

Three colours for the perfect colour match

DD Solid Link is available in two highly opaque, strong masking versions (white/high opaque and dentine/high opaque) and in a translucent version.

Physical Properties

3-point bending strength* (ISO 4049) 119 MPa
Shear bond strength to zirconia ** (ISO/TS 29022) 24.4 MPa
Shear bond strength to titanium ** (ISO/TS 29022) 25.1 MPa
Shear bond strength to lithium disilicate ** (ISO/TS 29022) 21.7MPa

* after 24 hours storage at 23 °C
** with DD Uni Bond