Medit T310 laboratory scanner

SKU: S 340

High-precision entry-level scanner with innovative functions

State-of-the-art scanning functions and workflows for CAD design at an unbeatable price.

The MEDIT T310 is the perfect entry-level scanner for dental technicians looking for maximum precision, speed and user-friendliness at an attractive price-performance ratio. With its innovative functions and user-friendly software, the T310 is ideal for digitizing single teeth, complete dental arches, impressions and implant models.

Highest precision and attention to detail

The T310 impresses with a measuring accuracy of 9 µm in accordance with DIN ISO 12836 and two HD cameras with 5.0 MP resolution, which achieve a dot pitch of 0.040 mm. This means you always receive precise and reliable scan data that ensures optimum production quality.

Faster scanning and processing

The T310 offers short scanning times of just 18 seconds for a complete jaw model. Thanks to the significantly faster post-processing of the scan data and the fully automatic lift for optimum positioning of the object in the measuring field, you can work even more efficiently.

Extensive functions for a wide range of applications

The T310 offers a wide range of functions that make your work easier and expand the areas of application:

eas of application:

  • Flexible scanning: scan a complete dental arch or partial areas with several dies simultaneously. (optional module available)
  • Articulator Scan: Scan the occlusion directly in the articulator and transfer the model position in the correct position to the "virtual articulator" CAD software module. (optionally available module)
  • Orthodontic Scan: Digitize approximal spaces and undercut areas with an extremely high level of detail. (optionally available module)
  • Color Texture Scan: Visualize markings on the model in the CAD software in color.
  • Implant model scan: Digitize implant models with scanbodies and gingival masks in just two scanning processes.
  • Automated implant alignment: Benefit from the integration of implant libraries in the MEDIT tScan scanning software with extremely precise auto-alignment of the scanbodies.
  • Wax-up scan: Digitize the inner and outer surfaces of wax-ups and set-ups with automatic adjustment to the individual dies and the model.
  • Post & Core: Create post build-ups with the Post & Core module.
  • Replica Denture: Digitize dentures for the fabrication of replacement dentures, radiographic and drilling templates. (optionally available module)

MEDIT tScan and MEDIT Link software included

The MEDIT tScan and MEDIT Link software are included with the T310. These allow you to automatically upload and download data through authorized partners.

No follow-up costs for software updates and upgrades

With the T310, you benefit from unlimited software updates and upgrades at no extra cost. This means you are always up to date with the latest technology.


The MEDIT T310 is an affordable entry-level scanner that offers maximum precision, speed, user-friendliness and a wide range of functions. With its optional add-on modules, it is ideal for dental technicians of all levels of experience and for a wide range of applications.