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DD smart CAM 2.0

SKU: CAM 0021

Powered by worknc DENTAL

DD smartCAM 2.0 powered by worknc Dental is an open and innovative CAM solution for beginners and advanced users. The open CAM system is perfectly optimized for our DD LabTec milling machines. The fully automated functions ensure time savings as well as precise and reliable results. With DD smart CAM 2.0 you can process all materials using sophisticated and proven processing strategies.


  • Machine and clamping system collision control
  • Automatic creation of the preparation boundaries
  • Engraving for identifying items
  • Various import options
  • Automatic nesting
  • and much more...

DD smartCAM 2.0 Xpert 5x

The high-end version among the CAM systems for automatic 3+2 axes or 5 axes simulation machining with fully automatic undercut processing. The DD smart CAM 2.0

DD smartCAM 2.0 abutment

The special version enables the high-precision production of individual abutments, especially from DD Prefabs. The service package is part of the “Xpert SOFT/HARD” version for LabTec 35 machines. You can use the LabTec 35 and other machine systems.

Materials – DD smart CAM 2.0 Xpert SOFT

Ideal for all applications on LabTec 25 machines: zirconium, PEEK, polymers and high-performance plastics, wax, glass-feldspar hybrid ceramics, composites

DD smart CAM 2.0 Xpert SOFT/HARD

Ideal for all applications on LabTec 35 machines: Additional processing of titanium, CoCr or gold.


DD smartCAM 2.0 | Abutments | Standalone

DD smartCAM 2.0 | Xpert SOFT | for LabTec 25 DD smartCAM 2.0 | Xpert SOFT/HARD | for LabTec 35
Article no.: CAM 0021 CAM 0019 CAM 0020
Axis function 4-axis 5-axis 5-axis
Additional modules / optional
Glass ceramic wet grinding mode
Milling prefabs
Milling titanium and CoCr blanks
Implant Module – Standard Implant Library
Integration of additional DD LabTec machines –** –** –**

Machine connections for:VHF camfacture, Wilhelmine Macodel, Datron, Dental Concept System, KaVo, MB Maschinen, Yenadent, etc.


* Additional paid installation and training required
** Additional costs (EUR 1,290.00) may arise when integrating other LabTec machine types