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DD cube case

SKU: KS 10

Sustainable splint case made from recycled Dental Direkt plastic!

DD cube case is the ideal solution for shipping standard dental work such as bite splints. Focus on sustainability without compromising on quality and functionality. The case is made from leftover blanks of our medical polymer products that our customers send back to us.

The leftover blanks are ground, colored and processed into our DD cube case. This means that not only the transparent blanks, but also the colored blanks can be fed into our recycling loop.

Your advantages:
  • Sustainable and high-quality - case made from leftover blanks from our medical polymer products
  • Practical design - the round shape offers sufficient space for common dental work such as bite splints
  • Functional & safe - the closure design ensures that the contents are safely stowed away
  • Durable - our recycled materials ensure high resistance to impact and wear and tear
Material 100% recycled medical plastic (PMMA or PCT-G)

Inside: 8 x 2 cm / Outside: 9.1 x 2.6 cm

Color variant  orange