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DD Art Elements effect colors

Effect colors
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DD Art Elements

Effect colours

For individualization, for tinting the dentin colors or pure for characterizing e.g. fissures, cutting areas or gingival parts.

Universally usable with all DD Dentin coloring liquids and with all DD zirconium oxide types.

Zirconium dioxide constructions made from pre-colored blanks may only be treated with DD Art Elements and not additionally with DD Basic Shade, DD Pro Shade C or DD Pro Shade Z.

Customizing constructions made from Nacera® Pearl Natural with DD Art Elements effect colors is possible before dense sintering, with the exception of DD Art Elements “purple”.

Recommended use:

  • universally applicable
  • with all DD Dentin Liquids
  • with all DD zirconium oxide types

Recommended for:

  • DD Bio ZW iso
  • DD Bio ZX ²
  • DD cube One ®
  • DD cubeX ² ®