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Milling tools | CORiTEC® 6.0 mm

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Dental milling tools from machinists for dentists

With us, you have an all-rounder in the dental market at your side who has the necessary know-how and has bundled its expertise. In cooperation with a large tool manufacturer, we have co-developed milling tools and optimized them for Dental Direct materials.

  • perfect microgeometry of the cutting edge
  • Coating of tools tailored to material
  • easy integration through full compatibility
  • Increased tool life with the right milling strategy
  • Increase in yield


Diamond coating offers maximum service life. Three-edged tools are particularly suitable for preventing chipping in the edge area of ​​translucent zirconium oxide.


Coated milling cutters are ideal for machining PMMA, wax and Peek. The additional "finished" surface of the coating improves the surface quality and ensures even better chip removal. It offers long-term wear protection and has a positive effect on the surfaces of the workpieces.

CoCr / Titanium

The combination with the high-quality coating ensures a long service life of the tool and achieves excellent surfaces on the workpiece.